Dietary Supplement 

Thai herbs extracted from Kaempferia White has high percentage anti-Covid-19 effect

6 types of extracts that are effective in inhibiting virus infection Contains concentrated extracts It is not toxic to the cells of the body. by testing and comparing with FDA inhibitory effects, including Niclosamide and Hydroxychloroquine.

Kaempferia White.jpg
Kaempferia White

Panduratin A and Pinostrobin extracts are the main agents that inhibit the virus more than 30 times more intensely than Andrographis paniculata

Beta Glucan 

Boost your immune system at its best Stimulate the production of Interferons Type2, an antiviral substance produced by white blood cells.

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Plu Kao

used to treat inflammation boosts immunity Treatment of viral respiratory infections Plu Kao Extract Build immunity against COVID-19


Important substances in gooseberry Can bind to coronavirus protein legs and ACE2 receptors play a role in lung cell penetration. It also binds to the infection in many locations that affect the inhibition of the generation and division of the virus.


make blood flow better Has anti-inflammatory properties found to be effective against influenza virus contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory


Help the function of white blood cells  Eliminate allergens Reduce irritation of the respiratory mucosa Helps regulate thyroid hormone levels contains antioxidants Prevents cell membrane components of organs from being damaged and immune system

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